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This is a fantastic set of visuals that show someone, step by step, how to use the toilet. The set comes in three options:

- toilet training

- toilet training with a step (as in a small step for children to stand on to reach the toilet)

- potty training

plus all three options include visuals for both males and females.
Visuals included are:
- pull trousers down
- lift skirt up
- pull pants down (two versions)
- sit on toilet/potty
- stand in front of toilet/potty
- use the toilet/potty (two versions; sitting and standing)
- take some toilet roll
- wipe yourself (two versions)
- put toilet roll in toilet/potty
- flush toilet (two versions; NOT included in the potty set)
- pull pants up (two versions)
- pull trousers up
- pull skirt down
- wash hands
- dry hands

You can choose between:

Just Visuals - all visuals (male and female) on their own, ready for you to attach to a wall with sticky tac. Visuals measure 10 x 5 cm.

Visuals with backing boards - all visuals (make and female) with a Velcro loop coin on the back then attached to two foamex boards using VELCRO® brand hook and loop. This will allow you to change the visuals around as you need to.

If you would prefer to order a PDF version of these please click here

Important - please read!

It's very, very hard to make a generic set of toilet training visuals because everybody will need something slightly different and, most importantly, will use different language. The set in the pictures shows some of the standard sets and uses words such as 'use the toilet' and 'wipe yourself' - nothing too specific! However, we are very willing to make this set just right for the person using them. If you need us to change the wording or any of the colours (don't forget that we have 7 different skin colour options available) then please just drop us a message and we can make you a bespoke version. A bespoke version would start at £15, depending on how many changes you need, and would take up to 12 days to print. 

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