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how do visuals help?

When children see what is coming next they feel more calm and in control. Visuals can help because they:

• support routine and transition

• don't disappear like words do

• allow for processing time

• are universal across all languages

See our range of visual resources here

The Beanies are here to help you communicate.

Meet The Beanies. You will find them throughout the artwork here at Create Visual Aids, representing all different aspects of life, including feelings. They were born out of a lot of careful planning… and a lot of love. They are designed to be gender neutral, age neutral and available in both a neutral skin colour, or in skin colours of your choice, so that as many individuals can identify with them as possible. They are also a lot of fun!

how it works


Browse our range of visual resources. We have standard resources, personalised resources and PDF resources.

2. Purchase

Purchase whichever visuals are right for you. If you need help with this please view our videos on how to use visuals here.

3. use

Make the visuals part of everyday life and enjoy calmer routines and transitions.

just need visuals?

Have you used visuals before and just need a few more to add to your collection? Click here to order visuals of your choice.


Create Visual Aids is proud to donate 10% of all website profits to the National Autistic Society, to help them continue to support autistic people and their families in the UK.

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