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List of Available Visuals

We hope you've had a good look through our website and that you are loving our visuals and, of course, the Beanies. 

Our list of available symbols is ever growing. Our amazing artist, Jill, is currently working on visuals relevant to school, and I have a super long list ready for her to make after that! We will keep updating this list every couple of weeks so do check back! This is just the start. 

Coming next: 

Occasions - Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, nativity, New Year's Eve, Easter, Birthday, party, presents, play / show

Plus a few more!: cinema, garden, wellies, feed pet, walk the dog, library, games console.

Available by the end of October (Halloween will be ready a little bit sooner!).

We can't wait to show you our next bunch of visuals!

You can view the whole range of personalised products available here. 

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