Frequently Asked Questions

See below a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer, please contact us and we'll get back to you shortly. 

  • What's the difference between a hard copy or a PDF version?
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
  • Which symbols should I choose?
  • What wording should I use on my symbols?
  • My child does not have special educational needs. Should I still use them?
  • Can these be used by adults as well as children?

    What's the difference between a hard copy or a PDF version?

    If you order a hard copy of a product it will arrive ready to use. Some of our products will have been printed directly onto sturdy 600gsm card, others will have been printed and laminated using matt laminate - see the product description on each product page for clarification. If your item comes with a board there will be velcro attached to join the symbols to the board.  

    If you order a PDF copy you will receive an electronic version of your symbols which you can then download, print and recreate as many times as you like. Standard products will be available to instantly download; personalised products will be emailed to you once they have been made. Please note that when ordering a PDF version you will not receive anything through the post. 


    How long will it take to receive my order?

    The delivery time will depend on whether you have ordered a hard copy or a PDF version, and whether the product is a bespoke one or a standard one. Please see below for delivery times:

    Standard PDF documents - will be instantly available to download after purchase.

    Bespoke PDF documents will be emailed to you within 48 hours of us receiving your personalisation choices. 

    Standard Hard Copies will be received within 4 working days of ordering. 

    Bespoke Hard Copies will be received within 4 workings days of us receiving word from you that you are happy with your final version. 


    Which symbols should I choose for my bespoke product?

    The best way to decide which symbols to choose is to begin by thinking through a typical day. Depending on the user's needs you may need to list the symbols in more or less detail. For example, one person may only need get dressed, breakfast, clean teeth etc, whilst another may need get dressed broken down into individual steps before moving on to the next task.

    Once you have thought about the day start to think of any extra activities such as swimming, football etc. Then think of who else's house your child may go to e.g. Nanny's house, Lucy's house, or play with Freddie. It may help to write ideas down as you go through a typical week. Some people like to have symbols showing the days of the week to display at the top of the timetable. It is also useful to have an extra symbols that cover something that is a one off, for example a question mark or a star.


    What wording should I use on my symbols?

    Any people with language or communication difficulties will benefit from having words kept to a minimum. This will also help the aesthetics of the symbols. For example, rather than 'go to school' just put 'school'. It is also important to make the wording like an instruction. So, for example, rather than put 'cleaning teeth', put 'clean teeth'. A typical visual timetable might have the following symbols: toilet, get dressed, breakfast, clean teeth, school, Nanny's house, home, swimming, play, tea, bath, story, bed etc...


    My child does not have special needs. Should I still use them?

    Absolutely. Whilst there is no doubt that visual symbols are vital for some individuals with additional needs, especially those on the autism spectrum, they can and are used by everyone. Each of us on the Create Visuals team uses them with our own children! Visuals can be used to calm individuals, increase positive behaviour, help with everyday tasks such as the morning routine and boost learning.  


    Can these be used by adults as well as children?

    Yes! Since we make personalised resources here at Create Visual Aids, we will make the symbols as close to perfect as we can for the user. 


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