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Gina Smith | Founder of Create Visual Aids


Can a few pictures really create a calmer, more harmonious, better functioning family home? YES!



Hi, I’m Gina, a specialist in visual communication, qualified teacher and mum to two girls.

While teaching in both mainstream schools and special needs settings, I marvelled at how a simple visual timetable (made up of words and pictures) could help calm anxious students, and help them be mentally and physically ready for learning.

And I could see the potential for using those same tools at home, so they could better function within family life, creating a calmer, more harmonious home for everyone.

So 8 years ago I set up this business, and since then I’ve helped hundreds of families with my visual communication aids.

You may have seen picture cards like this used within educational or medical settings.

They are often recommended to parents of neuro-diverse children (with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other developmental differences). But visual communication aids are beneficial to all children (and adults actually)! 

I’m on a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of visual communication, and how it can be integrated into family life. I'm also on a mission to make visuals mainstream. 

Visuals are useful for all children, and essential for some. 


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 Meet The Team

Jill is the incredibly talented artist behind all of the artwork that you see in the visuals here at Create Visual Aids. It is thanks to her skill that we were able to develop The Beanies and make them what they are today. Jill runs Blossom Lane Creatives with her colleague Emma, and together they support women in business with their branding, design and visibility. Jill and I are continuing to work closely together to bring you more and more visuals so watch this space!'



Jane and I first met when we worked together caring for young adults with severe autism. We had many an adventure together taking four amazing students out and about, helping them in aspects of everyday life such as doing the supermarket shop, going for walks and to cafes and the weekend and cooking meals together. Years later, Jane still works part time caring for an adult with severe autism and she was a wealth of experience doing so. She also now helps me make and package all the amazing products here at Create Visual Aids. She has a wealth of experience working with autism meaning she is able to make important contributions to product development, and she also happens to be a perfectionist, making her just perfect for making these products to the highest possible standard. Jane has been my friend for years, she is an amazing Mummy to two lucky boys and I feel very grateful to be able to team up with her. 


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