If you work with young people or adults with communication difficulties, or welcome them onto your premises, then you will know the importance of making everyone feel included and of meeting the needs of the individuals in your care. 

By using visual communication in your setting you are helping to provide an inclusive environment by providing a way for non-verbal guests to communicate.

A Communication Board, such as the one featured above, both allows someone to understand what is being communicated to them if they find it hard to process spoken words, plus it gives them a voice to communicate with others by pointing at the relevant visual symbol. These are important for anyone with any kind of communication difficulty such as those with autism, ADHD, Down's syndrome, learning difficulties, dementia, those with English as an additional language, or just very young children.

This is just one way of supporting those with communication difficulties in your setting. At Create Visual Aids we can make boards such as these, plus a whole range of other resources, that are tailored to your environment. We can use your brand colours and your logo so that the resources both blend with your business and also meet the needs of your guests, while showing others that you provide an inclusive environment. 

Communication Boards such as these show that your business goes above and beyond to care about the needs of everyone that attends your setting. 

There are three ways we can help you:

1 - Order from the visuals in our shop and try them out in your business.

2 - Order bespoke visuals designed for your business, including a Communication Board.

3 - Gina is available for consulting services to help you effectively use visual communication tools in your business.

If you’d like to find out more you can contact us here.


A Communication Board designed for Seneca Trust and Barnet County Council.
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