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Personalised Products

Here at Create Visual Aids we are passionate about making visuals as right for the individual as possible, that's why we have made sure we can adapt any visuals to suit your needs. 

We can change:
  • The colour of any items in the symbols
  • Any wording at all, across all of our resources
  • The skin tone of any people in the symbols. 
  • The border colour of the visuals
  • The colour of the backing board (within the range we have available).
  • We may also be able to make small tweaks to the artwork itself.
All of the resources on this page allow you to choose the visuals that go with them. Please note that all personalised visuals are hand printed and laminated using sturdy, matt laminate - so a different material to the plastic visuals found in some of our resources, but still incredibly durable. Our list of available visuals can be found here. Watch this space though - there are more being added every month. 

You can let us know your personalisation choices here

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