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Our new mini Now and Next Board was inspired by a customer who wanted one to attach to her daughter's rucksack so she could show her what they will be doing now and what is coming up next whilst they're out and about.

This board is 14 x 8cm and printed onto polypropylene - the same material that our visuals are printed on! We have punched a hole in the corner and put a ring through it so that you can attach the board to a bag, keyring or item or clothing. If you'd prefer it without the hole and keyring though, just let us know! The board has two VELCRO Brand hook coins attached to it so that you can then attach two of our visual symbols as and when you need to. 


When we designed this we tried to make it as small as possible, while still fitting on our visuals. We just about achieved that! It's tight, but you can just fit two of our smallest-sized visuals (5.5 x 4.5cm) on this board to communicate what is coming up next.

This is perfect for:

  1. Taking out and about

  2. Attaching to rucksacks, keyrings, or clothing

  3. Keeping in a small back if someone needs a subtle reminder but doesn't want to carry visuals out and about in their hand. (I'm thinking maybe teenagers).

The visuals themselves aren't included. You could purchase a Set of Visuals, Pick and Mix Visuals or Personalised Visuals to go with this set. Make sure you select the 'small' size otherwise they won't fit on!

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