Resources for Adults

I've spent a long time trying to decide what to call this section. 

Those of you that follow my business closely will know that all of our visuals are designed to be age neutral. The Beanies (the people in our visuals) are designed to represent anyone of any age, it's just a question of which visuals you choose that make a resource relevant. 

However, over the years I have had so many people tell me that these visual resources would be great for individuals with dementia that I felt it was time to dedicate a section of my website to supporting this. 

Only, these aren't just for people with dementia - they are for stroke victims, adults with learning difficulties, those that are ventilated... anyone at all that is struggling to communicate for any reason at all. 

So, here are a few of my resources that I feel are best suited to helping adults communicate. However, please do bear in mind that any of our resources in the Personalised section of our website would also be suitable for adults - you just need to choose the relevant visuals to go with them. 

As always, if you don't see what you need please just get in touch - we'd love to help.


p.s. We've given most of our adult resources red backing boards because these are most useful for those with dementia. If you feel this is not the colour for you, however, please get in touch when ordering. We also have backing boards in blue, green & purple and would be happy to swap these for you. 

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