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Welcome to the PDF section of Create Visual Aids! 

We have organised all of our visuals into different sets and made them available here on this page as PDF documents for you to instantly download. That's over 350 different visual symbols!

All of resources you see on this page are standard sets - that means they are instantly downloadable for you to print at home as many times as you need to.

If you would like to purchase PDF resources as a personalised set (allowing you to choose your own visuals, colours, wording and skin colour) then please visit the personalised resources section of our website. 



Browse through our PDFs and when you have chosen what you would like, click 'ADD TO CART' from the listing page. Complete checkout. Once you've completed checkout you will see a 'DOWNLOAD NOW' button. Simply click on that and your PDF version will download. Easy Peasy!

If you accidentally close the page don't worry - we will also email you a link to your download. Make sure you save the download to your computer so that you have it for future use. 


We are adding more visuals to our collection every month, and these visuals will get added to the most relevant PDF. That just might be the one that you purchased!

If we end up adding more visuals to the set you already have, you'll get an email letting you know that the PDF has been updated, and allowing you to download the updated version for no extra cost. Meaning that you'll always get any additional visuals that we add to your collection. Even better, you would have had them at the original price, avoiding any future price increases as the collection grows. Win win!

Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to send us a message here

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