Weather & Seasons Visuals

Product image 1Weather & Seasons Visuals
Product image 2Weather & Seasons Visuals
Product image 3Weather & Seasons Visuals

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This is a set of visuals illustrating different types of weather, plus the four seasons. 

The visuals included are:

sunny - raining - windy - cloudy - thunder and lightning - hailing - foggy - frosty - snow - Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

Use the dropdown menu to the right to choose between our:

Standard size, measuring 6 x 5.5cm and found in our Visual Timetables and Now and Next sets. 

Small size, measuring 5.5 x 4cm and found in our Communication Book, Feelings Charts and Calming Chart. 

Every visual will have a VELCRO® Brand loop coin on the back, allowing you to attach it to one of our existing resources. If you would prefer for your visuals to not have the coins, please contact us before ordering.

If you would prefer to choose your own selection of visuals, you can do that here.

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