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Are you finding everyday routines and transitions stressful and really hard work? Showing someone visually what is happening in their day and what they need to do to get ready can help them feel settled and calm because it gives them the ability to fully process and understand what is happening, therefore taking away anxiety. It also gives them the independence of being able to get ready without you needing to nag them.

The Visual Timetable for Home is a set of 35 picture cards based around life at home plus two backing boards, each A4 in length, that together show a child what is happening in their day. Cards measure approximately 6 x 5.5cm and are made of a study, durable plastic that is water resistant, non-tear and doesn't crease.

The symbols included are: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, drink, toilet, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair, bath, shower, wash hands, school, tidy up, car, homework, swimming, shoes on, coat on, shopping, walk, story, bedtime, park, pyjamas, play, friends, club, watch T.V., wash, medication, computer, phone, tablet and home. You will be able to display up to 10 cards at once. 

Choose from:

PDF Version - You will be able to instantly download, a PDF document containing the pictures listed above for you to print, cut out and laminate as many times as you like. I then recommend you use hook and loop to attach these to a display board. This item will be available for download as soon as you checkout.

Hard Copy - You will receive, via Royal Mail, a hard copy of the picture cards that have been printed onto plastic cards with rounded corners. You will also receive two foamex boards on which the symbols can be displayed. Both cards and display boards will have Velcro to join the two.   

If you would prefer to choose the symbols yourself please check out my Personalised Visual Timetable.

Need more visuals to go with your set? No problem, extra visuals are available here.

You can find out how to use a visual timetable here. 



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