To Do and Done Board

Product image 1To Do and Done Board
Product image 2To Do and Done Board
Product image 3To Do and Done Board
Product image 4To Do and Done Board
Product image 5To Do and Done Board

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The simplest resources are the most effective! 

This is a simple board that shows a line for 'To Do' and a line for 'Done'. You can add which ever visuals you like to it to show someone the jobs that they need to do. As they complete each task, they can move it to the 'done' line. 

This A4 lightweight board can easily be stuck to the wall with stick tack. It comes with the visuals 'To Do and 'Done', plus two strips of hook Velcro. Combine it with any of our sets of visuals to show someone their tasks. 

Top tip: Many customers like to combine this board with our Household Chores set


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