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We are super excited to team up with BMEC Technologies to bring you Timeline, an LED strip of lights that lights up as time passes. This is attached to a whiteboard on which you can draw, write or display pictures to represent what needs to happen during the time that is passing. 

The Timeline shows someone how much time is passing by lighting up led lights across a strip, allowing someone to see how much time has already passed, and how much time is left. 

The best bit? You can set it over any amount of time, ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Watch the Timeline explainer video here:


Here are the features:

  1. Improve your productivity by visually tracking the progress of time using a rainbow LED strip consisting of 60 LEDs.
  2. No need to track your progress using a clock or calculate how long you've been working based on a clock time.
  3. Useful teaching aid to educate children about time and time management.
  4. Draw on the Timeline whiteboard, or attach visual symbols, to indicate a change in tasks or desired goals at specific intervals using the provided whiteboard markers.
  5. Support from the manufacturer via over the air software updates.
  6. Optional: Mount on a vertical surface using the whiteboard mounting holes
  7. Configure and/or track the following settings via the user-friendly mobile application:
    1. Timer start and end time (option to start now).
    2. Timer duration (5 minutes to 4 hours).
    3. Timer progress (minutes remaining).
    4. Timer blocks (time intervals shown by blue LEDs with options from 2 to 30 blocks evenly spread over the timer duration).
    5. LED brightness (26% to 100%).
    6. LED colours (select rainbow mode or a particular colour).
    7. LED ripple, a series of continuously travelling LEDs for captivating effect (on or off).


  1. Timeline height: 145mm
  2. Timeline length: 481mm.
  3. Minimum requirements: Android 5.0 and later, iPhone iOS 12.0 or later.

What's in the box

  1. 1 x Timeline device
  2. 1 x USB C cable
  3. Two VELCRO® Brand hook strips (not attached) that you can attach to the Timeline if you would like to. Use these to display visual symbols above the Timeline, representing what somebody need to do within the time. 
  4. A 'To Do' and 'Done' visual, each with a VELCRO® Brand loop coin on the back, which you can attach to the hook strip should you wish to. The user can then move a visual symbol from the 'To Do' line to the 'Done' line as each task is completed.



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