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This is a clear, visual way of showing someone what is happening in a month. 

Ahead of each month you email us a list of what visual to show on each day, and we will enter them in for you and email you the monthly chart as a PDF for you to print at home. This is particularly great for showing key times of year such as starting school, Christmas, a birthday or a holiday. We recommend getting the user to cross off each day as it is finished. That way they can see what is happening and begin to get a concept of how long they have to wait for an event. 

We can include any visuals from of our list of available visuals here. We can only include one visual per day. Want to send us a photo to include? Absolutely fine. The only thing we can't include is stock photos or screenshots of branded items. 

You can purchase either:

1 month, 6 months or 12 months at a time and we will make these one month at a time for you.

How does it work?

Once you have purchased, just email us a list of what visual you would like shown for each day of the month. We will put the whole month of visuals into the chart for you, and email it back to you. Please note that a month has to start on the first - we can't do a month running from, say, the 14th of one month to the 13th of another! You also need to send the whole month in one go, not one week at a time.

If you buy the 6 or 12 month option, then each month, whenever you are ready, just email us your list of visuals for the next month and we'll ping it back to you within 3 working days. 

Change of plans? 

We know it's often hard to know exactly what you will be doing, therefore with your chart we offer one free change at any point in the month. Just email us with what needs to change and we'll get the chart back to you within 3 working days. Any further changes will incur a charge.

What if I forget and email you after the month has started?

That's fine - we don't mind when you email. We can just fill in the rest of the month for you. 

Please note:

After you've emailed us your first list of visuals, this product is no longer refundable. 

Any questions? Just ask! You can contact us here.

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