Out The Door Chart - Updated!

Product image 1Out The Door Chart - Updated!
Product image 2Out The Door Chart - Updated!
Product image 3Out The Door Chart - Updated!
Product image 4Out The Door Chart - Updated!

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We've updated our Out The Door Chart by doubling the number of visuals with this set, and adding an extra backing board to cater for these.

The Chart now comes with:

2 Backing Green Boards (If you need a different colour just contact us before ordering).

The following visuals, each measuring 5.5 x 4.5cm: lunchbox, water bottle, bag, book bag, P.E. kit, coat, cap, hat scarf gloves, shoes (girls school shoes), shoes (boys schools shoes), trainers, pack bag 

If your child often leaves in the morning without everything they need then this one is for you. A list of 12 visuals detailing what someone needs to have with them as they leave the house. Put it by the door so that they can check that they have everything with them as they go, without you needing to tell them. 

This supports independence and therefore boosts self-esteem. 

The visuals are attached to the board with VELCRO® Brand hook and loop, meaning you can change them around as you need to, according to what is needed each day. 

Need to add more visuals? Easy peasy, you can find those here




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