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Product image 1'Out The Door' Chart
Product image 2'Out The Door' Chart
Product image 3'Out The Door' Chart

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If you struggle getting your child out the door in the morning with everything in tow then this one is for you. A list of four or five symbols detailing what your young person needs to have with them as they leave the house. Put it by the front so that they can check that they have everything, without you needing to nag. 

This is a personalised product - you tell me which symbols you need and what colour the features should be.

I can either ping this over to you as a PDF (all you need to do is print it out and stick it up) OR.... I can print and laminate the symbols for you and post them either with or without a backing board. You can choose from the drop down menu to the right. 

Create Visual Aids uses Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002 - 2020 www.widgit.com

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