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We've combined some of our most requested visual symbols and put them onto one keyring so that you can carry visual symbols with you at all times, ready to support communication. 

You can attach these to your jeans, bag, coat, lanyard - wherever you like! Having visuals on your person means that you can communicate to someone what is happening next, or they can use the visuals to show you their feelings, wants or needs. You never know when you are going to need to communicate, so having these to hand means that you are always ready to support communication in a way that is easy to process. 

The visual symbol cards measure 8 x 7.2cm and are made from our super durable material that is non-tear, waterproof, has rounded corners and does not crease easily. 

The visuals included are:

(with a green border) toilet, drink, snack, help, go out, go home,

(with a purple border) happy, sad, angry, tired, ill, too loud, too crowded,

(with a yellow border) be gentle, hold hands, change, more, choose, finished, stop.

Although all the visuals could be used for both expressive and receptive communication, we've arranged them so that the green and purple visuals generally represent expressive communication, allowing someone to have a voice by showing you the card. The yellow visuals are then ones that you might want to use to communicate to someone else - receptive communication. Having said that, everyone uses visuals in a different way and all of the cards could be used for both types of communicate so use it in whatever way works best for you and the person you are communicating with. 


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