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Do you or your partner work away from home? Do you find this has quite a big impact on your children? Then this one is for you. 

When the most important person in a child's life goes away, if only for a short amount of time, it can leave that child feeling anxious and unsettled. A large part of this can be because they don't fully understand how long you are going for and when you will be back. We can fix this by showing your child what is happening using pictures.

Visual symbols are a simple way of communicating what is happening in a way that a young child can understand. Show a child, visually, what is happening and this is a simple way for them to process the information and feel calmer because they know what is happening. They might not like the fact that you are going away, but they will be able to see how long you are going for, who will be looking after them and when you will be back. Knowledge is power. Give your child that knowledge so that they can feel more settled about what is happening. 

This chart measures 42cm wide and comes with the 7 days of the week, plus another two strips of Velcro on which you can display when someone is going away or coming home, plus who your child will be with during that time. 

This is a personalised product - we'll add the relevant people for you either using our visual symbols or photos that you email in. You can have up to 21 visuals in addition to the days of the week. 

Each visual symbol measures 5.5 x 4.5cm and is made from our super durable, non-tear material. The visuals have a VELCRO® Brand coin on the back, and they attached to a VELCRO® Brand strip on a lightweight board so that they can be moved around as needed. 


1. Place Your Order

2. Email us your choices - we suggest using 14 choices to represent who might be looking after your child, plus a few to show someone going away and coming back. It's up to you though - it's your chart!

3. If you'd like us to use photos to represent each person, please email them to us -

3. Wait for us to email you a draft version of your visuals within 2 working days. Please keep an eye out for this - it may go into your junk folder. 

4. Approve your visuals and then sit tight! We'll need to send it to print for you which could take up to two weeks depending on when you order (we send our visuals off to print on a Monday and collect dispatch on a Friday).

Please note the following timescale for ordering personalised visuals:

Visuals are sent to the printer's on a Monday morning, and are collected and dispatched on a Friday. Please tell us your choice of visuals by 12pm Thursday. We will then email you a draft version and these need to be approved, or any changes requested, by 5pm Friday. Your order will then be dispatched the following Friday.

If these times are missed we can send to print the following week. Thanks for your understanding. 

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