A3 Getting Dressed To Do and Done Chart

Product image 1A3 Getting Dressed To Do and Done Chart
Product image 2A3 Getting Dressed To Do and Done Chart
Product image 3A3 Getting Dressed To Do and Done Chart

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The Getting Dressed To Do and Done Chart breaks down the task of getting dressed into stages, by listing the items of clothing someone needs to put on one at a time. It also lets the user be actively involved in the chart by having room for them to move each step from the 'To Do' line to the 'Done' line. This allows someone to follow the chart, putting on each item of clothing until they are fully dressed, and allows them to clearly see what they have achieved so far and what they have left to do. 

Showing someone visually, rather than just telling them, allows them time to process the information because the pictures don't disappear like words do and they can keep checking back as many time as they need to. 

This chart comes with an A4 polypropylene board (the same material that our visuals are made out of), plus 32 visual symbol cards, and a card saying 'I need to put on my...'  and a card saying 'I can get dressed!' The cards are attached to the boards using VELCRO® Brand hook and loop, meaning you can change them around as you need to, based on what the user is wearing that day. At any one point you can display 7 visuals across the board.

The visuals in this set are our 'Small' size, measuring 5.5 x 4.5cm.

The visuals included are:

pants - socks - boxer shorts - bra - vest - trousers- shorts - shirt - t-shirt - shirt - cardigan - skirt - dress - hoodie - pyjamas - nightclothes - dressing gown - slippers -  trainers -  swimming costume - swimming shorts - coat - hat (cap) - hat, scarf, gloves - wellies - flip flops - sunglasses,    plus these pieces of school uniform:  shoes (girl) - shoes (boy) - trousers - skirt - polo shirt - tights - tie - jumper - slippers - dressing gown

Need a different colour board? We usually supply it in blue but if you'd like red, purple or green that is not a problem - just drop us a message when ordering. 

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