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Here are some websites that I highly recommend when it comes to support neuro-diverse individuals. 


PECS stands for 'Picture Exchange Communication System' and this is the original system for teaching a non-verbal individual to communicate using images. PECS UK offer courses to teach you how to use the system and I cannot recommend them enough. I updated my training just a few months ago and it was fantastic. You can also my PECs folders and other materials at their website. 


Autism Spectrum Teacher

If you are looking for help supporting someone on the autism spectrum then I cannot recommend Steph Reed enough. She really, really knows her stuff. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I highly recommend her online courses - I've worked my way through these myself recently (you can never stop learning!) and they are presented in such a clear, easily accessible way that you can then go away and apply what you have learnt to everyday life. 






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