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Have you previously ordered from Create Visual Aids?

Found you need a few more symbols? Order here for 10 more Widgit(T) symbols of your choice to add to your Visual Timetable, Keyring of symbols or Now and Next board. Symbols measure approximately 5 x 7cm and a hard copy comes with the appropriate velcro or hole for the keyring.

  • You choose all 10 symbols
  • You can specify details for some symbols e.g. for ˜Lucy's house you can specify that Lucy has brown hair
  • You can choose the skin colour for any people that appear in the symbols.
  • You can choose the border colour for the symbols.

Choose from:

PDF Version - you will receive, via email, a PDF document containing your personalised symbols for you to print, cut out and laminate as many times as you like. We then recommend you use Velcro to attach these to a display board.

Hard Copy - you will receive, via Royal Mail, a hard copy of your symbols that we will have printed, cut out and laminated for you. These will then either have velcro applied or a hole put in the corner depending on how to intend to use them. 

 On ordering please contact us to tell us your symbol choices.  

Create Visual Aids uses Widgit(T) symbols:

Widgit Symbols (C) Symbols Worldwide Ltd 2002-2020 www.widgit.com


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