Morning And Bedtime Routine Chart Bundle

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This is a bundle of my Morning Routine Chart and Bedtime Routine Chart. 

Both available in red, the Morning Routine Chart includes the symbols:

wash, get dressed, breakfast, brush teeth, shoes on, toilet, play with toys, TV (only 7 symbols can fit on the board at once - there are 8 so that you can choose between play with toys and TV). 

The Bedtime Routine Chart includes the symbols:

bath, milk, pyjamas, milk, story, brush teeth, bedtime

The symbols are hand printed and laminated and have VELCRO® Brand Loop coins on the back to allow them to attach to the foamex board. You can then change the order around as you need to.  

These are sold under licence from Widgit Symbols (C) Symbols Worldwide Ltd 2002 - 2020

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