Holiday symbols

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A set of 15 Widgit(T) word and symbol cards representing things related to a summer holiday. Symbols measure approximately 5 x 6cm. Symbols include:

beach - sea - swim - bucket & spade - caravan - frisbee - ice cream - towel - swimming shorts - campsite - disco - car - swimming costume - drink - park

Use these symbols as an addition to an existing visual timetable, as a timetable by themselves, individually on a keyring or to play games such as snap.

Choose from:

PDF Version - You will receive, via email, a PDF document containing your symbols for you to print, cut out and laminate as many times as you like. 

Hard Copy - You will receive, via Royal Mail, a hard copy of your symbols that we have printed, cut out and laminated for you.  

Create Visual Aids uses Widgit Symbols

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