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Product image 1Getting Dressed Chart - Less Than Perfect Stock
Product image 2Getting Dressed Chart - Less Than Perfect Stock
Product image 3Getting Dressed Chart - Less Than Perfect Stock
Product image 4Getting Dressed Chart - Less Than Perfect Stock

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Less Than Perfect Stock because: the boards will be red, instead of yellow as photographed. 


A set of visual symbols representing different items of clothing to show someone the items they need to put on to get dressed. 

This allows the user to see, visually, the order in which they need to put their clothes on. At the top of the chart is the wording 'I can get dressed' or you can change it over to 'I need to put on my...' (both are included). The symbols are attached to a backing board with velcro, allowing you to change the symbols around into the order needed, depending on what the individual will be wearing that day. Using the two boards one above the other, you will be able to display 8 symbols at once after the heading.

This set includes 41 symbols in total, covering a wide range of clothes to meet a variety of days. The symbols included are:

pants (male), socks, vest, boxer shorts, trousers, t-shirt, jumper, hoody, shirt, shorts, suit, waistcoat, tie, jacket, tights, pants (female), skirt, dress, leggings, cardigan, glasses, coat, hat, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, pyjamas, nightie, slippers, dressing gown, school uniform, uniform, P.E. kit, swimming costume, swimming shorts, swimming trunks, shoes, wellies, boots, shoes (heels), pumps.


Create Visual Aids uses Widgit Symbols

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