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This is a chart that shows a few different strategies that may help someone become calm if they need to. The idea is that, with practise, an individual is able to recognise that they are feeling angry or frustrated and can show you which calming strategy they need by passing you the relevant visual. These are attached to the board using hook and loop so can easily be removed and reattached. Please note that the visual symbols in this chart are hand printed and laminated. 

We have included 12 visuals that we think may be most relevant in this situation. These are: alone time, blanket, bubbles, counting, cuddle (as in two people), cuddle a toy, deep breaths, go for a walk, listen to music, read a book screen time, and sensory toys. 

Even though this is the standard set, we do recognise that every child is different and may calm in different ways therefore if you would like different, or fewer visuals please just contact us before ordering. Some examples of other visuals you might like are: sand play, water play or messy play. 

We can also change the skin colour of any people in the visuals, and the colour of the chart itself. Again, if you would like any changes please contact us before ordering just to check that we are available to make changes. 


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